Penobscot School’s Kitchen Renovation Project

Penobscot School is an active, dynamic cultural hub that brings people together over learning and food. The school provides language learning to MidCoast residents, English for students from around the globe and cultural events throughout the year. Twenty-eight years after its founding, we find the demand for cultural experiences at our school exceeds its physical capability.

While our current kitchen has served us well, it has not been remodeled since 1986. Storage is minimal and the overall layout not suitable for large events. Updating will allow the school to comfortably and safely continue to hold community events and will allow us to offer language learning through culinary activity. The proposed facility update, to be done in the Spring 2015, targets the following:

  • Increase preparation and serving space with new counters
  • Replace well-worn appliances with up-to-date appliances
  • Expand storage space with new cabinets
  • Improve overall layout to better serve students, instructors and guest chefs
  • Redesign the floor plan for better work flow
  • Meet current ADA, MUBEC and NFPA101 codes

Penobscot School’s kitchen is more than just a food service area. Much of our language programming uses the kitchen as a focal point and learning tool. These programs include:

  • Weekly language lunches open to the community
  • Cooking classes with an international focus
  • Collaborations with regional cultural events such as The Camden International Film Festival, Christmas by the Sea and The Camden Conference.
  • Cultural meals prepared in coordination with area chefs
  • Meal preparation by English Immersion students as part of their learning

We have contracted with a local architectural firm and developed a fresh, efficient design for the kitchen. Click here to review the plans.

Our kitchen is a vibrant center for cultural learning, food and fun. We encourage you to visit our Facebook page to see our fundraising progress.

Should you wish to speak with us, don’t hesitate to call! With your generous support, we can all look forward to countless events that strengthen our sense of global community through education.

Please take a moment to consider giving to our Kitchen Campaign.