French Classes

Café Français Mondays 12-1pm Beginning September 22, 2014
Please join us for Café Français. Bring your own brown-bag lunch. For students at all levels

French Schedule

  • French for Children
    Learn French at a young age when it is easiest and most natural! In a warm and nurturing environment and focused on hands-on activities, games, art and crafts, songs, and dance, nursery rhymes and stories, cooking, this course will give your children the tools to start and practice French in a fun way. With the help and guidance of a native and experienced French teacher, they will learn everyday vocabulary and build conversational skills while focusing on oral comprehension and spoken production. Classes will be almost entirely taught in French, using the immersion method. Parents or caregivers are encouraged to attend. Required Materials: The teacher will provide all materials. 6 weeks
    Thursday: 4-6 p.m. • 6 weeks
    Instructor: Nathalie Gorey • Cost: $180

  • French for Real Beginners
    Targets the fundamentals of the French language with a native and experienced French teacher as your guide. If you have never studied French or only briefly, this course is for you and will help you become a confident language learner as you acquire and build upon your French knowledge. You will learn correct French pronunciation and basic communication skills such as being able to exchange greetings and introduce yourself and your family, ordering French food and following directions to the nearest château! Listening, speaking, reading and writing will be practiced in class and reinforced at home through optional exercises and suggested online interactive websites. Required Text: Voilà, A Course in French for Adult Beginners by Gonthier and Geoghegan (Not Voilà, by Hellenman, Tournier, and Kaplan). Highly Recommended : CD pack for Voilà: Course in French for Adult Beginners by Gonthier and Geoghegan
    Tuesday: 4-6 p.m. • 12 weeks
    Instructor: Nathalie Gorey • Cost: $360

  • Reveillez Votre Francais
    This is a conversation class conducted in accessible French for students who have studied French in the past and would like to revive their French for purposes of travel and communication. Movement, pair and group activities, games and native French songs and discussion of French art, music, and cuisine will be used. Listening, speaking and writing activities are provided for home practice. Required materials: Voilà, A Course in French for Adult Beginners by Gonthier and Geoghegan; highly recommended are the CD pack for Voilà: Course in French for Adult Beginners by Gonthier and Geoghegan, portable French dictionary, computer access.
    Monday: 1:30-3:30 p.m. • 12 weeks
    Instructor: Margot Stiassni-Sieracki • Cost: $360

  • Voyageons en Français! Culture, Chansons, et Conversation
    This is a continuing intermediate-level class for students with a minimum of two years recent French study or special permission. Build conversational and travel vocabulary and comprehension skills while learning about French culture. Activities, games, role-playing and home assignments will be used. This course is conducted in French. Required Materials: Voici, An Intermediate Course in French for Adults by Gonthier and Geoghegan and Practice Makes Perfect French Conversation by Eliane Kurbegov. Highly Recommended: CD pack for Voici, pocket, college-level French dictionary, computer access. Café Francais, a brown-bag lunch with French conversation follows from noon-1 p.m.
    Monday: 10 a.m.-noon • 12 weeks
    Instructor: Margot Stiassni-Sieracki • Cost: $360

  • Visitons le Louvre! NEW!
    Explore and discover the treasures of the Louvre, while learning the language of French art and Parisian travel tips and expressions. Conducted in English as well as French, this course is designed to strengthen your conversational confidence. We will focus on art, artists, painting, and sculpture while incorporating many views of the Louvre. Art appreciation activities, interactive projects and conversation about art and other topics will be included. Acquire art vocabulary specific to your needs. We will take our new art appreciation skills to the Farnsworth Art Museum in Rockland and perhaps beyond. Required Materials: TBA. Appropriate for those who speak French and for those who do not. Optional trip not included in cost.
    Thursday: 10 a.m.-noon • 12 weeks
    Instructor: Margot Stiassni-Sieracki • Cost: $360

  • Bridge the Gap, Intermediate
    Is your French somewhere between intermediate and advanced? Join Alain for this one hour course then consider staying for Consolidate Your French. Materials provided by the instructor.
    Fridays: 9-10 a.m. • 12 weeks
    Instructor: Alain Ollier • Cost: $180

  • Consolidate Your French
    This is an ongoing course for high-level intermediate and advanced students that focuses on the finer details of the French language. This class includes attention to specific grammar points and pronunciation. Required materials: Provided by the instructor.
    Friday: 10 a.m.-noon • 12 weeks
    Instructor: Alain Ollier • Cost: $360

  • French Country Cooking
    France, a country of many wonders and diversities, has traditional cuisine that is unique to every region. Learn about some of France’s regions and their authentic cuisines by recreating timeless recipes, from Burgundy’s Boeuf Bourguignon to Brittany’s buckwheat crêpes to Provence’s Soupe au Pistou. This hands-on cooking class will be conducted both in French and English in order to accommodate all backgrounds. Required Materials: instructor will provide; materials fee TBA.
    Tuesday: 6:30-8:30 p.m. • 6 weeks
    Instructor: Nathalie Gorey • Cost: $360



French Instructors

Alain Ollier has recently relocated from Paris to Midcoast Maine. His interests include organic gardening and hockey. Alain has traveled extensively and is excited to share the language and culture of his homeland.

Margot Stiassni-Sieracki holds degrees in French from Williams College and Stanford University. Her 20+ years of teaching of French to adults and children include using music, dramatic role play and immersion techniques. Margot strives to help her students actively experience French and Francophone cultures. She brings fresh ideas back from her recent summer travels in France and Quebec.

Nadia Margolis was born in France, raised in the US and educated in the US and in France during her college (B. A. at U of NH, U of Dijon) and graduate school (Ph.D. at Stanford, U. of Paris) years. She has often traveled to France to research and give lectures and papers, specializing in medieval French literature and also on Joan of Arc through the ages in history, literature and film. She has taught all levels and centuries of French language, literature and cultural history, most recently until retiring from Mount Holyoke College, and is now living in Rockland.