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Celebrating foreign languages and cultures for over 30 years

Penobscot Language School is a non-profit center that provides language and cultural learning to the local and global communities. Our three-prong approach comprehensively addresses the importance of understanding and participating in cultural diversity and includes: 1) weekly language classes 2) tutorials in several languages for all ages and all levels, 3) French cooking and conversation and a rich variety of cultural events. From its founding to the present, the school has served more than 6,350 Maine residents in foreign language courses and through cultural events as well as over 540 English Immersion students from more than forty countries.  Entering its 33rd year in 2019, Penobscot Language School continues to launch innovative programming and welcomes everyone to participate.

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I knew that I needed a boost and got it from this program. It is a 24/7 English environment that really works. There have been amazing presentations and great volunteers and the teachers bring their skills and soul to the program. My biggest improvement is in listening skills. Now I catch myself when I start to make a mistake.

Michael, Computer Technology, Russia/Canada English Immersion: Everyday Conversation & Culture Canada December 14, 2015

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