30th Anniversary Celebration

Penobscot Language School recently celebrated its 30th anniversary.  That’s 30 years of providing language and cultural learning to our local communities and to students from around the globe!  The evening was a great success due largely to the efforts of board president, Leslie Fillnow, who prepared hors d’oeuvres from France, Italy, Spain, Mexico, China, Japan, German, Russia, Canada and the US.  Over 40 appetizers lined the rooms as attendees enjoyed an evening filled with conversation and laughter.

Co-founder, Joe Steinberger, gave a brief speech.  Portions of a letter written by co-founder, Julia Schulz, who was unable to attend, were well-received.  The important and long-lived contributions made by former Executive Director, Patti Luchetti, and former board members, were remembered with a wall hanging in their honor.

The school also thanks those who assisted with the evening including board members, Amanda Austin and David Robichaud, and volunteers including Lou Laquaglia (bartender extraordinaire), Joanna Makara, Jenling Kao and Liam Morrison.  We couldn’t have managed the evening without the assistance of these fine people.

Here’s to those who helped us celebrate and to thirty more years!