A letter from Board President, Laura P. Shaw

Laura Shaw

As we approach a new season, we also approach a new chapter in the life of the Penobscot Language School. For 33 years, the Penobscot Language School has served an important role, providing access to language and culture to our local community and global citizens. It is no secret that the school has faced challenges in recent years. Changes on the world stage, especially visa restrictions instituted in recent years, have challenged our traditional programming. Despite these difficulties, the school can meet the demands of our modern world and adapt to enjoy long-term success.

The first step taken to address the school’s circumstances has been to strengthen our board of trustees. On June 12, we confirmed an enthusiastic, energetic, and committed Board of Trustees. These eight members, whose names appear at the bottom of this letter, are dedicated to the continued success and growth of the school.

We are already increasing the Penobscot Language School’s visibility through more cultural events and additional marketing efforts. In addition to the June 26 Italian Dinner and Talk, the school will host two more cultural dinners over summer 2019—an Ecuadorian dinner in July and an Indonesian dinner in August.

The Board of Trustees is working hard to create a schedule for the Fall 2019 semester and planning for the long term. The Penobscot Language School’s traditional programming, including language classes, English immersion program, translation services, and cultural events, are important foundations that we intend to preserve. The school also intends to embrace the demands of our modern society by creating new programming that is consistent with our mission.

We cannot thank you enough for your support of the Penobscot Language School. During this period of transition, we need your support more than ever. Please consider making a donation to assist these efforts as we look toward a future that reflects our 33-year commitment to our unique community international school and our mission to help local residents and visitors from across the country and throughout the world advance their foreign language skills and learn more about the world in the process. With your help, we can ensure the school’s future success.

I am honored serve as the new President of the Penobscot Language School. Since moving to the Midcoast, I have been searching for a way to integrate my passion for language and culture into my new life here. I think I have found just the place to do so in PLS, and I am thrilled at the prospect of spending the next two years with my fellow board members helping steward the school’s future.