Culture Camp: El Salvador

Our “visit” to El Salvador is under the excellent leadership of Margaret Saca and her husband, Andres Pineda.  Campers learned about El Salvador, played the El Salvadorean version of musical chairs, and enjoyed el lote loco, a snack in which corn on the cob is covered in ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard then rolled in cheese!  Everyone decorated capiruchos.  Similar to cup-and-ball, these wooden toys have a cap attached with a string that the user flips to capture the cap on the holder.  Papusas were for lunch.  Campers stuffed balls of masa with beans and cheese.  The balls were then fried and eaten with a cabbage and carrot pickled slaw.  Awesome!  We ended the day by making kites in groups and testing them out in the backyard.  A beautiful day with a lot of fun activities for everyone!