Italian Cooking and Conversation

Italian cooking is a wonderful cultural experience and Italy is well known for its regional dishes.  Come experience some of the country’s finest tastes while learning a bit of the language.  Lasgane di verdure, Minestrone con Bruschette al pesto, Pizza Rustica and Risotto alla Millanese are only some of the main dishes you will experience in this six-week course sure to please all of the senses.  Cook, learn associated vocabulary and grammar, and enjoy your creations at the table with fellow classmates, all while learning Italian.

Members of the Culinary Institute of Bologna prepare an authentic Italian meal this past summer.

Penobscot School recently invested in a new, state-of-the-art kitchen that allows us to pair language learning with culinary activity.  Generous donations from local residents and various foundation grants led to a complete renovation.  Whether for weekly language learning, English immersions or cultural events, our main classroom now includes plenty of preparation space, two sinks and a stove that will meet everyone’s needs from.  Join us!