Weekly Language Classes

 Open Enrollment for the Spring Session!

Sessions A & B of the spring schedule are intended to be consecutive sessions of a single level (i.e. Session A – Beginner Italian I would be followed by Session B – Beginner Italian II). Classes meet twice a week for one hour per class.

Session C is a 10 week schedule offered for select classes.The pace is slower with classes meeting only once a week for 1.5 hours.

Spring 2023
A (5 weeks): Apr. 10 – May. 12
B (5 weeks): May. 15 – Jun. 16
C (10 weeks): Apr. 10 – Jun. 16

If you are interested in studying a language, but are unsure of the best class based on your language level and goals, or you are not able to meet at the listed class time, please email Jackie at [email protected] to discuss alternative options such as private and semi-private tutorials.

We also offer in-person private tutorials and semi-private tutorials if you are in the Rockland, Maine area. If you are interested in in-person tutorials or classes, please contact Jared at [email protected] .

Thank you for considering PBLS to be a part of your language learning experience!


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American Sign Language

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