Living English 2020

Our English immersion program “Living English 2020” has been cancelled this year due to the global pandemic.
Please visit this site again for info about next year’s program.
Stay safe!

Language. Community. Experience..

Improve your everyday communication skills in English through a unique cultural immersion in beautiful Mid Coast Maine!

Learning a language is more than just vocabulary and grammar. To communicate effectively you must be able to speak the language, be understood and understand others, read different types of texts (literary and common place) and engage in nonverbal aspects of a language. With all the different ways that we depend on language and cultural understanding in our daily lives (listening to music, celebrating traditions, dancing, cooking, eating, etc.), to truly learn a language you have to live the language…

Penobscot Language School’s Living English language immersion program is a three-week intensive program for adult Intermediate level English speakers. Students are surrounded by language through conversation, entertainment, and community experiences.

Living English 2020 includes:

  • Classroom learning/conversation, tutoring, and written materials
  • Lodging with a local “host family” (including meals)
  • Interaction with our intimate, welcoming coastal Maine community
  • Multiple excursions and outings with PLS staff and volunteers
  • The experience of a lifetime on the beautiful midcoast of Maine

Living English 2020 will prepare you to return to your life with a mastery of the English language only possible through immersion. For twenty years, Penobscot Language School has been creating immersion programs with outstanding results.

Tuition is $2,500.00.

Space is limited! Only 12 students will be accepted into the program!