New This Fall – Seven Week Italian Cooking Class With Evelina Santaguida

Join us on Fridays starting October 19th through December 7th from 12:00-2:00 for a unique way once a week to spend lunch- time learning. Seven week Italian cooking class with Evelina Santaguida. Come discover the secrets of Italian flavors and aromas! Evelina will be dedicating 2 classes from each of the three regions of Italy; […]

Announcement – New French Classes Starting Soon

Beginner Course Learn to introduce yourself and handle common daily situations in French! The goal is to make you comfortable with every-day interactions as soon s possible, with a focus on conversation. Basic pronunciation followed by idioms and easy verb conjugations. Offered eight week class on Thursdays from 4pm to 5:30pm, starting October 18th. Advanced […]

Culture Camp: Poland

Today’s activities focused on Poland.  Ewa Swinton led the way as campers enjoyed learning Polish greetings, creating their own Polish flags, and paintings eggs.  Outdoor games were a hit on this beautiful, sunny day.  A traditional lunch was followed by a tasty dessert made of egg whites and sugar coupled with cacao for those who […]

Culture Camp: South Korea

It was a rainy day for our “visit” to South Korea with instructor, Hyeweon Wang, but that didn’t stop us from learning some traditional Korean drumming.  Using kale from the school’s own garden, we then made Bi-Bim-Bop, a meal that also included eggs, carrots, shitake mushrooms, and more on a bed of rice.  Then it […]

Culture Camp: El Salvador

Our “visit” to El Salvador is under the excellent leadership of Margaret Saca and her husband, Andres Pineda.  Campers learned about El Salvador, played the El Salvadorean version of musical chairs, and enjoyed el lote loco, a snack in which corn on the cob is covered in ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard then rolled in cheese!  […]

Culture Camp: Italy

It was a beautiful day to “visit” Italy with instructor, Leslie Fillnow.  Under Leslie’s guidance, camper created art in the style of Uccello, Canaletto, Michelangelo and DaVinci.  They then spoke about their paintings.  For lunch, indivdual pizzas were in order with several toppings from which to choose.  Campers continued their art work with sidewalk chalk, […]

Culture Camp: Japan

It was a fabulous first day at Culture Camp as we “visited” Japan under the direction of Sachiko Clough.  Twenty children ages 7-13 learned Japanese colors, numbers and greetings.  They enjoyed a taste of sushi and, for dessert, vanilla ice cream with strawberries, whipped cream and azuki beans, a traditional Japanese sweet.  Campers learned about […]

Rotary Wheelchair Fundraiser Dinner

The school recently hosted a Latin American dinner with Chef Sigler, formerly of Comida Latin Kitchen.  All proceeds went to the Rotary  Wheelchair Project.  This project is intended to provide the gift of mobility to those in need.  In recent past years, wheelchairs were delivered to Panama, Belize, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic. In […]

Sushi-Making; November 30

This sushi-making group was so much fun!  They did an amazing job at making all forms of sushi and thoroughly enjoyed the meal that followed.  Thanks so much to instructor, Leslie Fillnow.  With her assistance, participants learned how to prepare sushi rice, make unami rich, cut sushi-grade fish, and make maki sushi rolls, nigari shushi, […]