Sushi-Making: November 9th

Students in this four-hour class made so many different forms of sushi using fresh, organic ingredients.  They prepared sushi rice, made Unami rich, cut vegetables for sushi rolls, learned to slice sushi-grade fish, and prepared California inside out rolls, spicy tuna, vegetarian, and tomato-egg rolls.  Then they worked on ginger-orange dressing, and learned how to […]

Annual Fundraiser: It’s About Time!

Our annual fundraiser was a wonderful success! The evening included a French meal with an entree choice of braised lamb shank on a bed of creamy polenta, Maine cod with a crabmeat topping, and mushroom ravioli.  Attendees bid on wine packages that included wines from around the world.  Our live auction of artisan-crafted clocks followed […]

French Cooking and Conversation: Class #3

The third session of French Cooking and Conversation focused on the Loire region of France and included citrouillat berrichon (a squash or pumpkin tart), potée du berry (a main dish made with sausage, pork belly, lentils, parsnips, and carrots), and roussettes de chartres (a diamond-shaped cookie made with orange extract, rum and lots of eggs […]

French Retreat at Blueberry Cove

Those present at the year’s French Retreat, Français Au Bord De La Mer, enjoyed wonderful weather, fun workshops, amazing entertainment, and superb meals!  This annual retreat, sponsored by Penobscot Language School with support from the American Association of Teachers of French, the Maine Chapter of the AATF, and the University of Maine (Orono and Augusta […]

French Cooking and Conversation: Class #2

French Cooking and Conversation this week included foods from the Loire region of France: radis a la creme fanes, gratin de haddock aux pommes de la terre e poireaux, et gateau nantais au rhum.  Following a brief introduction to the region, students divided into groups to begin preparing the food.  Fresh haddock, green beans, salad, […]

Northport School Children Get a Taste of Germany

School children from Edna Drinkwater School in Northport enjoyed a day of learning about German culture with Silvia Carrier of Germany. They learned the correct way to use the knife and fork, assisted with food preparation, and enjoyed German bread with butter and marmalade as well as cheese and eggs. Northport students receive nine weeks […]

The Tastes of Persia

An amazing, authentic meal from Persia last night with Nina Noah of the Apprenticeshop in Rockland. Pomegranate and pistachio meatballs, koresh fesengan (chicken with a pomegranate walnut sauce) and carrot halvah. We added a tomato cucumber salad and pomegranate spritzers to round out the meal.  So delicious Thanks to everyone at the Apprenticeshop who joined […]