Italian Cooking and Conversation

The third and final session of Italian Cooking and Conversation included erbazzone and pasta brisee as well as torta Pasquelina. Participants thoroughly enjoyed this class and had a big surprise at the end! Italian Cooking and Conversation restarts in November and will focus on regional holiday dishes!  Get ready to join us!

Language Learning Scholarships Available!

We are thrilled to announce the availability of two scholarships for area students wanting to learn a foreign language.  Depending on scheduling, language options may include French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Portuguese, and Spanish. Individual scholarships will range from $150-$250.  Students interested in pursuing a language other than those offered at their school, as well […]

Culture Camp: A Great Experience

Have you heard about Culture Camp?  Penobscot Language School offers this 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. summer day camp during which children “visit” a different country each day through hands-on activities generally led by native-speaking instructors.  This year’s camp included some amazingly creative campers who visited Italy, Spain, Portugal, China, Germany, Mexico and Russia.  Under […]

Italian Cooking and Conversation: Week 6

The final class in this six-week segment of Italian Cooking and Conversation included making orecchiette al tonno (orecchiette with tuna sauce) and crostata crema e amaretti (custard and amaretto tart).  Students made the orecchiette (literally, “little ears”) from scratch.  Most popular in Southern Italy, this pasta has an old, wrinkled surface (perfect for capturing the […]

Italian Cooking and Conversation: Week 5

Italian Cooking and Conversation: Week 5 focused on making pizzoccheri con broccoletti e salsiccia or pizzoccheri with broccoli and sausage sauce.  Pizzoccheri is a buckwheat pasta that is rolled flat by squeezing the dough around the rolling pin rather than using a pasta machine.  Buckwheat pasta easily adapts to unfavorable terrains and has a short […]

Italian Cooking and Conversation: Week 4

This week students in Italian Cooking and Conversation created Bruciato Farina Orecchiette con Salsa di Pomodoro Fresco (Burnt flour orecchiette with fresh tomato sauce) and Cannoli Siciliani.  Orechiette dates back to the Middle Ages when peasants gathered the burnt grain that remained after the harvest.  They mixed it with other flours to mitigate the burnt […]

Italian Cooking and Conversation: Week 3

This week’s recipes included Corzetti con erbette e capesante or Corzetti with chard and scallops, served with tiramisu al limone or lemon tiramisu.  As always, students made their own pasta from scratch, cutting the dough into circles or corzetti (coins).  Typical of northwest Italy, these coin pastas are embossed with various stamps that historically began […]