Italian Cooking and Conversation

The first class in this six-week session went very well.  Students thoroughly enjoyed making Pasta di erba e parmigiano (herb pasta with parmigiana cheese), Pasta con rucola e salsa di peperone rosso (Pasta with arugula and red bell pepper sauce), Caprese (Caprese salad) and Mandrini (stuffed tangerines) with all natural and organic ingredients.  Leslie Fillnow […]

Portuguese Meal

Everyone had a great time at our Portuguese meal featuring Joao Bentes of Setubal, Portugal and Rockland Mayor, Louise MacLellan-Ruf as chefs.  Joao chose to make caldeirada.  This is a traditional fish stew.  Made with fresh haddock, salmon and cod, Joao states that, with Louise’s assistance, it tasted “just like home.”  Louise’s Caesar salad, fresh […]

English Immersion

Deborah of Wayfinder School in Camden has just completed her English classes with Lee Humphreys.  Deborah was thrown into our culture and has since gained so much confidence!  Her pronunciation and mastery of various tenses has greatly improved and her reading is much more fluent!  Deborah is starting the college application process.  She and her […]

Ikebana, The Japanese Art of Flower Arranging

The last session of Ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arranging, was a wonderful success.  Beautiful irises, branches and leaves were purchased at the Boston Flower Market and used to create some amazing arrangements.  It’s nearly Easter and, with snow on the ground, participants brought home something to warm their homes.  Students have learned about […]


Our Portuguese class is cooking during this class session and Joao Bentes, a native of Portugal, is in the lead with some amazingly tasty, seafood recipes.  Cooking is an integral part of Penobscot School’s multi-sensory approach to language learning.  Students learn cooking vocabulary including ingredients, speak while cooking, and enjoy their creations over dinner.  The […]