Portuguese Meal

Everyone had a great time at our Portuguese meal featuring Joao Bentes of Setubal, Portugal and Rockland Mayor, Louise MacLellan-Ruf as chefs.  Joao chose to make caldeirada.  This is a traditional fish stew.  Made with fresh haddock, salmon and cod, Joao states that, with Louise’s assistance, it tasted “just like home.”  Louise’s Caesar salad, fresh bread from Atlantic Baking Company, and tarte de nata, a Portuguese custard, rounded out the meal.  Of course there was plenty of wine and great company.  Joao was on hand to  speak with everyone.  He has had so many wonderful experiences.  He is currently building a boat at the Apprenticeshop.  Once done, he and his father will sail it Photo3Photo1to Portugal.  A super evening!  Thanks to all who attended!