Beginner Japanese I

Wednesday,  9:00 AM, 10 weeks or Wednesday/Friday, 4:00 PM, 5 weeks (60 min x 2/week)

Beginner Japanese I – This class is offered as a 10 week summer session (June 13 – August 19) or as a 5 week accelerated class (June 11 – July 8th OR July 11 – August 15, 2022) This class is the first in our beginner series. It is designed for first time students or those returning to the language after a break. Foundational skills including pronunciation, grammar, written language and basic vocabulary in Japanese will be covered. Cultural themes and everyday usage of Japanese will be the main focus of this class. Classes meet online via Zoom once a week for 90 minutes (10 week class) and/or twice a week for the accelerated classes (5 week class).   



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