Everyday Conversation & Culture is appropriate for adults and young adults interested in improving their speaking and comprehension skills. Minimum English skills required prior to arrival are the ability to speak in the present tense, introduce oneself, and use basic, everyday phrases.

Ease in conversation and listening are key aspects of this program that combines small group lessons in the morning and hands on or experiential learning in the afternoon. Students shop for – and cook – meals together, hear speakers, and practice their language skills through a variety of activities. New vocabulary and acquisition of grammatical structures are enhanced through community excursions that may include rowing, attending a concert, visiting islands, touring museums, and interacting with local residents in a rich coastal setting. Weekly individual tutorials allow students the opportunity to focus on specific areas of work. A brief presentation on a topic of the student’s choice is held on the final day of the session in a supportive and encouraging environment.

Participants in this program will acquire:

  • Enhanced oral and comprehension skills
  • Improved grammar skills
  • Increased ability to use English in a variety of everyday settings
  • Heightened confidence and fluency in using English
  • A solid foundation for continuing English language studies

Summer, 2020 English Immersion
Dates to be finalized

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