Mondays, 3:00 PM – 4:30 PM (90 min. weekly)

This 10-week class is designed for Intermediate (and above) Italian language learners. In this course students will read the short novel, Scontro di civiltà per un ascensore a piazza Vittorio by Algerian born author Amara Lakhous. This award- winning novel centers on a small culturally mixed community living in an apartment building in the center of Rome that is thrown into disarray when one of the neighbors is murdered. As each of the victim’s neighbors is questioned during the investigation, we are granted an all-access pass into a colorful neighborhood in contemporary Rome. Each character takes their turn center-stage, “giving evidence,” recounting their story—the dramas of emigration, the daily equivocations of immigration, the fears and misunderstandings of a life spent on society’s margins, abused by mainstream culture’s fears and indifference, preconceptions and insensitivity. With this guided reading course, students will be able to converse and express opinions with more fluency, and enjoy reading texts of varying difficulty. The class will be conducted in Italian. Classes meet online via Zoom once a week for 90 minutes. Classes start the week of January 8, 2024.


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