Tuesday 10:30 AM – 11:55 AM ET

Join us for a multi-level literature driven conversation class (Spanish) each Tuesday from 10:30 AM -11:55 PM. Through guided reading of short pieces of literature, historical vignettes, poetry and other accessible materials, longtime PBLS instructor Billy Smith coaches Tertulia participants through pronunciation and accent improvement, while using “no holds barred” Spanish (or “adult Spanish” including advanced vocabulary, idiomatic usage as well as the etymology and cultural context of the language being used).

This is the only continuous course offered at Penobscot Bay Language School (50 weeks /year – 10 weeks at a time). The structure of the class allows for it to be an intermediate level class, while still a valuable experience for advanced learners.

Classes are offered online (Zoom) throughout the entire year. Local students are welcome to join instructor Billy Smith at the language school as part of a hybrid (online/in-person) class.

One drop in class is $35 or save big with a 10 class card for $300!

This class is ALWAYS followed by a FREE online event for Spanish Language Learners at 12:00 with our weekly “Almuerzo” (as part of our online Language Lunch series). All Tertulia participants are welcomed and encouraged to stay and participate!

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