Provide Housing For A Student

For over 30 years Penobscot School has been offering three-week English Immersion Programs. All program participants are adults and young adults who desire to improve their English while exploring the everyday life and culture of our community. Since the English Program began, more than 500 students have come from all over the world to study English with us in Rockland. With your help, we can have the pleasure of meeting and getting to know 500 more!

All of our hosts are volunteers who open their homes to welcome international students in the spirit of citizen diplomacy. Hosts are as diverse as the students. They are single individuals, couples, young or old, with or without children at home, but all sharing an interest in broadening their perspective on the world. Hosts also give students an important opportunity to engage in English conversation, typically during breakfast in the morning, after dinner in the evening, at the Wednesday evening “home night”, and on weekends when students and hosts are free to make whatever arrangements they like.

If you are interested in becoming a home-stay host and would like more information, please contact us.