As a caregiver I love that camp is in town and Devin can walk Donovan to camp if I am working. The hours are great and I love that Donovan is trying new foods that I probably could not get him to try!


My daughter had an amazing time, and it was really clear to me how much care and organization had been put into the planning of camp. She came back excited to tell me about the new foods she tried and the new games she played and every day she was excited to get up and go. Thank you so much for such a well-run, caringly organized experience!


CJ says "Culture camp was the best camp I've ever been to!"


So pleased with how happy my Noah is!! What a fantastic job you're doing, I absolutely love the photos!!


What a wonderful gem in our community! My daughter absolutely LOVED Culture Camp. Who says learning isn't fun?! Thank you for such a great experience!


Penobscot Language School is the best option for learning English because of the many strategies used. Classroom time, excursions and the many opportunities to meet community members were all useful. These connections help students learn more and learn faster.

Maria Teresa

My experience at Penobscot Language School was amazing. It's a great school for learning English. I enjoyed the grammar classes and the many activities that allowed me to improve my English. My host made me feel at home and the program was well-organized.


The experience was very exciting because I had the opportunity to get to know many interesting people. My host was lovely. I improved my speaking and other skills while experiencing a different culture.


The teaching methods in the class and the immersion were very good for me.  I have enjoyed all of the cultural experiences with my fellow students and especially with my host.


I love this language school.  I wanted to improve my English grammar and my spoken English and I did.


I made the correct choice.  This course was a real immersion into American culture.  That was simply the perfect way to improve my skills in English. Now I am so comfortable starting a conversation in English!


I came with the objective of preparing for my future.  And I got it!


Penobscot School's program met my expectations.  I learned English and had daily practice with English speakers during various activities.  I took the Communication for Business program.  Everything was very professional.  It was amazing!


Over the years the wonderful international network generated by the Penobscot School has totally captured me. My classmates and I go to class together, have lunch together once a week, and have a delicious potluck dinner once a month in the kitchen at the school. I now have had about 12 teachers from Italy. Many are good friends whom I visit and with whom I correspond. I would never have these beautiful friends and the ability to enjoy the wonderfully written Italian novels and short stories if it weren’t for Penobscot School.


I have studied three languages at Penobscot School: French, Spanish, and Russian, all at different levels. I have found the instruction to be superb and the camaraderie is a real plus.


I spent three magic weeks in Maine and brought back an experience I’ll never forget.


In my view, the school has a huge impact in the community. The school lets the community know about other cultures and bring people who care about people together.


The daily contact was profoundly important to improve my spoken fluency in English language! Interestingly, when I was returning to Brazil, I phoned the airplane company and they thought I was American!

Martha, Physician

I enjoyed the business training. It was very helpful for my work and for my future.

Florence, Industrial Psychologist

The school is supported by a strong community. My host was an incredible person: very educated and open to different cultures.