Culture Camp Testimonials

As a caregiver I love that camp is in town and Devin can walk Donovan to camp if I am working. The hours are great and I love that Donovan is trying new foods that I probably could not get him to try!

My daughter had an amazing time, and it was really clear to me how much care and organization had been put into the planning of camp. She came back excited to tell me about the new foods she tried and the new games she played and every day she was excited to get up and go. Thank you so much for such a well-run, caringly organized experience!

CJ says "Culture camp was the best camp I've ever been to!"

So pleased with how happy my Noah is!! What a fantastic job you're doing, I absolutely love the photos!!

What a wonderful gem in our community! My daughter absolutely LOVED Culture Camp. Who says learning isn't fun?! Thank you for such a great experience!