Winter 2019 French Classes

PLS is lucky to have two exceptional French instructors this winter, offering classes in different styles. Owen Page enjoys conversations with students, focusing on their own learning goals, whether they wish to better understand French news and current affairs, cinema, literature, history, etc,.

Alain Ollier favors a theoretical approach, giving students the key to French grammar, vocabulary leading to a strong command of the language, allowing to explore the many riches French language and culture have to offer.

Both teachers’ methodologies compliment and build on each other.

French for Beginners

Thursday evening: Converse and learn with Owen Page

Friday morning: Premiers pas with Alain Ollier

French Intermediate

Friday morning: “Get in 2nd Gear” with Alain Ollier

French Advanced

Thursday evening: Conversations with Owen Page

“Croisière” with Alain Ollier

French cooking!

French Cooking – La Main à la Pâte