Free Virtual “Language Lunches”

This volunteer driven program is one of the ways we make language learning accessible and affordable to all. The roundtable discussion format allows for language learners of all levels to participate and practice their verbal skills (outside of the classroom) in a casual setting. Join us this week!

Monday – French

Tuesday – Spanish

Wednesdays – Russian

Thursdays – Italian

Fridays – Portuguese

Please visit our Facebook Page Events tab for current times and Zoom links!

Our virtual language lunches are open to all and always free of charge. As a nonprofit organization, we strive to deliver our mission to the largest audience possible. If you do not see a language lunch being offered in a language you want to learn please contact us about starting a new section today!

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What a wonderful gem in our community! My daughter absolutely LOVED Culture Camp. Who says learning isn't fun?! Thank you for such a great experience!

March 5, 2018